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Google, publish Ramadan information site for Muslims. The fasting ... The Ramadan means the month in the Islamic calendar, the holy month for the Muslims. This month, they will be ,,, to cut off any and all food and drink from sunrise to sunset, I think that is often those who are recognized in Japan. I also before to stay in the Middle East, has not been recognized only about that. However, here 2.0 years, appointed place is ,,, North Africa ⇨ Southeast Asia ⇨ Middle East and Muslims (Muslims) is for the country, which accounts for numerical superiority, I began to remember also nature and Ramadan habits. This time, non-Muslims during Ramadan will face "a certain Ramadan". ) Ramadan earlier about every year days. Certainly last year was from date but, 0 this year started from the month. Period is a about a month, but the determination of the last day is determined by the confirmation of the "month". Or premature or delayed much sometimes days in circumstances such as weather. (It seems quite thrilling mood for those who ⬅︎ are fasting.) ) During Ramadan not drink even water as well as meals.

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